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Kelly Financial Group is an independent, fee-only advisory firm that custom tailors financial plans for investors in every stage of life. Our investment management strategies are designed for each client based on their unique goals, circumstances, and allowable risks. We incorporate our expertise with that of our financial network members to build all the necessary pillars of your family’s financial strength.

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Fiduciary Standard

Our role as a fiduciary to our clients honors the most basic principle: treat others as you would want to be treated.


Our fee structure aligns our incentives with those of our clients. Fee-only means no commissions and no selling.


We think for ourselves, we don’t push products, and we hold ourselves accountable to the most important judge: you!

The Group

Unlike most financial advisors, we don’t tell you to go ask your accountant for an answer. We aim to serve you by incorporating all necessary experts into our group.


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