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Overview :

Tax preparation and planning as well as estate and legacy planning are integral components to a comprehensive strategy. Your KFG advisor is your point person in integrating all of our resources.

How We Can Help :

Part of comprehensive financial planning includes addressing the two basic truths of American life: Death and Taxes. Talking about how to plan for one’s death can be very uncomfortable and many families avoid it altogether. We can help bring comfort, planning, and legal access to that conversation so that your wishes and your legacy are preserved after death. KFG experts also focus deeply on current and future tax planning needs and provide access to tax preparers all under one roof.

How many times has your advisor told you to go ask your C.P.A. for an answer, or vice versa? KFG has found that many clients feel overwhelmed and scattered when addressing their financial concerns. We build relationships not only with our clients but with other professionals that serve our client’s needs. Our “Group” incorporates experts in many different niches of financial advice and planning.  Among those financial pillars are C.P.A.’s that offer tax preparation services, estate planning attorneys that draft living trusts and wills, lending experts that refinance loans or extend credit, real estate brokers, alternative investment advisors, fixed income experts and many more.