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Overview :

Our wealth management strategies are custom-tailored to meet the specific objectives of every client. Our success stems from our investment philosophy, our process and our discipline.

Our Philosophy :

KFG’s investment philosophy is rooted in its thorough planning process.  Our investment decisions are driven by our client’s long term goals. That means no two accounts are exactly the same because no two clients are exactly the same. With a proper roadmap in place, we work with our clients to establish the investment strategies that best fit their plan.

Our Process:

The investment world has become increasingly accessible as technology advances. Expensive mutual funds with hidden fees continue to take a back seat to less expensive alternatives (ETF’s).  As an independent firm, we only get paid by our clients which means we have an incentive to minimize costs.

We will employ several strategies consisting of ETF’s, mutual funds, individual securities, and possibly some alternative investments. We embrace the philosophy of a passive core strategy for all clients, but also recognize a need for some active participation for most clients. Ultimately, we aim to find the perfect balance for our clients depending on their individual circumstances.

Discipline :

True investment discipline stems from maintaining a proper plan and understanding and communicating the inherent risks with investing.  At KFG, we will discuss with you what expectations you should have of us and how to keep us accountable. We will also illustrate how your investment strategies held up during turbulent periods in the past. While this is no guarantee of what will happen in the future, we want the risks clearly communicated so that you are more likely to stay invested and stay on track during rough periods.